Are you a law firm that handles contract negotiations, compliance advice, employment advice, estate planning, intellectual property protection, or real estate transactions, but the thought of litigation or appearing at an adversarial hearing makes you want to bury your head in the sand? Giles Law offers solutions.

We frequently consult and co-counsel with lawyers and law firms that do not litigate, or do not choose to take on complex litigation. Our tailored co-counseling program is designed to allow other firms to supervise the process, receive regular updates, and maintain a connection with their clients while turning the details and strategy of litigation over to us. No case, firm, or client is the same, so we encourage other firms to contact us and discuss our services for customized litigation consulting and co-counsel services in Phoenix. When businesses, estates, and transactions become contentious, with lawsuits threatened, Giles Law can negotiate remedies between the parties. In a stalemate, our Phoenix litigators are prepared to serve as lead counsel, or co-counsel, in court or before a regulatory board. We begin by thoroughly evaluating the case and strategizing to ensure everyone on the team understands their role throughout the litigation process.

Our lawyers will assist with strategy, and handle discovery and pretrial readiness by conducting research, writing briefs, overseeing discovery, and engaging expert witnesses when appropriate. We also work to facilitate dispute resolution as a trial nears, offer long-term strategies to head off future lawsuits, and provide regular updates to co-counsel, general counsel, and the business client’s Board of Directors and executive officers, as appropriate.


Our litigation consulting and co-counsel services should be utilized as early in the process as possible. In pretrial matters, Giles Law can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the case to craft a winning strategy. We prefer meeting with co-counsel and litigant-clients as early as possible to discuss objectives and possible outcomes; this process helps all parties understand the scope of the project, and our role in successfully executing strategic moves.


Many tasks contribute to the discovery phase of litigation, including:

  • Identifying and requesting pertinent documents

  • Analyzing market trends that may influence outcomes

  • Proceeding with forensic accounting

  • Studying financial statements

  • Assessing the need for retrieval of electronically-stored information (“ESI”)

  • Reviewing board minutes

Our litigation consulting attorneys in Phoenix work to fully understand every aspect of the case that may influence the outcome of a trial.


Our team prides itself on thoroughly analyzing the opposition’s evidence, particularly financial records and contract terms, including those that have been breached, or allegedly breached.   We arrange expert witnesses and prepare exhibits for trial. We study witness examinations and formulate effective cross-examinations. Our Phoenix litigation consulting team is made up of collaborative attorneys who work together to secure the best possible outcome.

Negotiations and Settlement

If the chance for settlement exists, our litigation consultants in Phoenix can negotiate terms with opposing counsel, analyze proposals, and offer changes or counter-proposals. We consider not only the present value of a settlement, but also the practical and legal ramifications that settlement agreements may trigger.

Complex Business Litigation Advice and Co-Counsel Services in Phoenix

If your client is facing litigation, or potential litigation, Giles Law is here for you. We will analyze your client’s situation, strategize for the best outcome, oversee the professionals involved in the resolution, provide necessary advocacy documents, and work to reach a suitable outcome, all while keeping you in the loop. When you’re concerned about possible litigation, contact our firm for litigation consulting and co-counsel services in Phoenix. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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