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Common Types of Commercial Disputes in Arizona

Most interactions in the business world are, at their core, the product of contracts. Something as simple as agreeing to provide a product at an agreed-upon price constitutes a contract. More complex interactions may limit companies to a sales territory, require the production of units at a specific rate, or allow a business to inspect and test products before acceptance.

Disputes over parties’ contractual obligations can arise anytime during the business relationship, and litigation may result from various situations. These disputes may include:

  • Breach of contract cases where a party alleges that another did not provide payment or services
  • Allegations of breaches of fiduciary duty or fraud
  • Violations of the state’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act

The attorneys at Giles Law are here to help individuals and companies that believe a breach of a business contract has caused them financial losses. Our lawyers in Phoenix can analyze the language of a contract and pursue claims in court that demand appropriate compensation.

Helping Parties Enforce Business Contracts

Either party to a contract can ask a civil court to determine whether the other party has fulfilled its obligations under the language of the agreement; however, the time to take legal action is limited. The Arizona Revised Statutes, including in both Title 12 and Title 47, impose various statutes of limitation for business litigation cases, usually ranging from one to six years, depending on your particular claim(s). The skilled legal team at Giles Law helps ensure that a business litigation case moves forward within this strict time limit.

The State’s Uniform Commercial Code provides the legal framework that governs many of the contracts and interactions between business entities and customers. If one party fails to perform its obligations under a contract, Arizona’s Uniform Commercial Code outlines the available remedies. Whether parties are located in Arizona or elsewhere in the country, our commercial litigation attorneys can evaluate the facts of the case to determine the possible legal remedies.

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Hiring an Attorney to Protect Legal and Business Interests

Every business litigation case requires significant legal knowledge and experience for gathering evidence and making your case. The business litigation lawyers at Giles Law are prepared to explain the state’s laws on fair business dealings and fraud and examine the actions of other business parties in relation to their contractual obligations.

We also help to determine the extent of a party’s damages, or losses, when disputes arise. This determination may include precise damages that result from breaches of contracts, as well as compensation through lawyer’s fees and liquidated damages due to egregious conduct. Our Phoenix business litigation lawyers take every step necessary to seek the compensation to which their clients are entitled.

Contact a Phoenix Commercial Litigation Attorney at Giles Law Today

Business transactions in Arizona, or done under Arizona law, are generally subject to the same laws and regulations. All parties to a contract have legal protections in case of breaches, fraud, or deceptive business practices and can demand enforcement, or request damages, in civil court.

A Phoenix commercial litigation lawyer at Giles Law is prepared to protect your interests if a dispute arises. Our seasoned attorneys are prepared to take the lead in protecting your entity’s financial and legal health. Reach out to our firm today to discuss your business or your case.

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